Monday, 28 January 2013


I go back to Bath Spa after a long break to finish my MA fine art this September. I intend to make a body of paintings about now, creating a dialogue about how I see the world and my attitude towards it, myself, in that environment. 6 largish paintings measuring about163 x 134cms, and a similar number of smaller ones, 120x100cms, oil on canvas, or calico on board to exhibit in an appropriate space. I am greatly influenced by William Sasnal’s paintings seen in London in 2012.. He appears to do a lot of preparatory work, so that when he eventually makes a brush stroke, it is often a virtuoso, ‘zenned’ as in Chinese watercolour painting – the breath of the stroke is visible. Other painters that I have been researching are Josef Albers, (for his ‘Interaction of Colour’) Rosie Snell and Alex Katz, (for their reductionism), Dan Hays, (for his understanding of the phenomology of colour) and Gerhard Richter, (for his catholic approach to painting)

Putting Godney on the Map 2012 164x133cms oil on canvas

Gods Island  2012     164x134cms      oil on canvas
Boris and Igor 2013     164x134cms      oil on canvas