Friday, 24 April 2015

A new project, back to portraiture

Today 24th May, all finished, quite big and brash and bright, but I think it works
'I Am The Family Face' 2015 oil on canvasses 193x97cms

My 2 months spent investigating Goya's work, his portraiture, has led me to starting a new project, another family portrait group. By simplifying Goya's markmaking, this is translating into a new way of looking at portraits for me. There will be 21 in the group eventually - the age range from 1 to 102 years.(Ani born 2013 and Nellie born 1913). The first group was called 'I Am The Family Face, Flesh Perishes, I Live On' Thomas Hardy. This second must surely have the same title.

I am the Family Face, Flesh Perishes, I Live On' 2012