Friday, 16 August 2013

All Roads Lead to Godney

20th August, and I have just had a positive tutorial from Dexter Dalwood, so I am feeling quite good about the work that I shall be hanging for the degree show...he helped me re-arrange it and was interested in the new images, even to the extent of saying that my work had REALLY progressed!  Well, what higher praise can I have than that from one of my painting heroes: that there is really something interesting in the way I have used roads, and that the paintings need to be looked INTO - a small house floating in the sky can seem un-nerving.  'All Roads Lead to Godney': this is the final piece of the series. you have to travel along a motorway to reach anywhere, we are none of us immune from the real world.  This image shows HOW I see: it might be unnerving to some to travel with me.
All Roads Lead to Godney 2013 oil on canvas 163x131cms
Final hang for the MA - now 4 pictures.