Saturday, 24 January 2015

New Paintings for a New Year

A new lot of paintings coming up, influenced by a visit to Wilhelm Sasnal's exhibition at Sadie Coles, and my love of Goya. I have made up a lot of small canvasses, 30x40cms with calico covering the canvas. Here are the first three:

 (Goyesca3) 2015 30x40cms oil on calico
another Goyesca, 30x40cms oil on calico

Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year 2015

January night, The moon on Tuesday was fantastic, enormous and bright as I was driving at 6.30pm. Half an hour later the magic was gone.   The pollarded willows look remarkably like growing axons of neurons...axons carry messages to the next neuron and also nutrients etc to the axon tips..... so they are busy transporting important messages etc.  so the willow has a trunk which is active and pushing upwards to the night sky. A visit to Wilhelm Sasnal's exhibition at Sadie Coles made me see how important using the quality of the surface is, oil on calico on board, thin paint and simpler areas.
January Night 2015, oil on calico on board, 100x120cms

Friday, 2 January 2015

January 2015

I finished a December painting, a swan on the Westhay nature reserve seen late one afternoon, white against the dark of the water. 

November Swan 2014, oil on calico on board, 100x120cms

I have also just finished my September Gunnera, which has metamorphosed along the way, taking far longer to paint than other painting, probably because of the complexity of the female flower, and the inside of the leaf, like lace, in the sunlight. I wanted the whole thing to be very sexually suggestive, and I think I have now achieved that. I am told that Georgia O'Keefe didnt actually think about such things?!
September Gunnera 2014, oil on canvas 163x200cms