Friday, 26 August 2016

more high colour and shine

I have been asked to submit something for an exhibition called FEAST to co-incide with Wells Food Festival in October, at Heritage Couryard Studios. A combination of water melon and luscious tulips, scarlets, pinks and vibrant orange, using oil paint, water colour and inks and resin.
Cocomero and Tulip

Friday, 5 August 2016

INDIA an exhibition of paintings at Heritage Courtyard, WELLS from August 11th

I have been working on making colour as high as possible to reflect those fabric colours that are seen in Gugerat and Rajasthan. I have been using inks, watercolours, and resin. AND I think I have succeeded in getting that brightness, using puppets as subject matter.

Lotus Cafe 40x30cms

Kanjari Woman40x30cms

Banjari Man40x30cms

Bho[pa Woman 40x30cms

Dungawar Hunt 30x40cms
Pushkar Shepherd 30x40cms
Bandit Queen 40x30cms

Exhibition with Heather Jane Wallace open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 4pm 
tel 07894701734