Tuesday, 26 February 2013


13 03 04.   Tor picture, as yet un-named, 164x131cms oil on canvas. The trees so brutally pollarded have a first world war trench feeling, but set against a Magritte sky, the atmosphere changes. the trees are shaped like Rodin's Balzac. I started on February 27th thinking about the palette to use and mixing some colours.  In daylight things have changed.  I have decided to use cobalt blue down to pthalo blue in the sky, and ultramarine in the river water:  the mauve in the cloud to be of cobalt and vermillion, following the Sargent pattern of his flesh tints – no alizarin or ultramarine on flesh, and for this none in the sky. Not of course, that this is flesh, but this way the orangey white (vermillion and cadmium lemon) sing more.   Works in the sketch.  The rest to be using alizarin, lemon yellow, ultramarine and vermillion.  No black this time.

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