Saturday, 15 March 2014

'Half the Seed of Europe, One By One'

Resurrection, Remembering 1914 and Stanley Spencer. I have been thinking about my Godney Resurrection picture, and realise that it must say more, work harder, and so it changes.  This year is 100 since The First World War, WW1. I have been thinking of Stanley Spencer's work, of course, and the line, 'half the seed of Europe, one by one' from Britten's War Requiem.  I have been arguing with myself as to the inclusion of figures, a first for this series, and have come to the conclusion, even if it is a one-off, that they are necessary here to tell the story - you read a novel, a child is born in the 1890's (A.S.Byatt for instance, or Kate Atkinson's 'Life after Life')) and you know what the story will be about. Oh the arrogance of those of us who have not experienced war, and the dread we have for our sons and grandsons!

The flowers at the front are now Remembrance Day poppies. the painting is making more sense

'Half the Seed of Europe, One By One'  2014 oil on linen 163x131cms

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