Monday, 16 May 2011

from Gillie McNeill, enthusiastic!

I love the idea of the move from the representational to the abstract.  This is how our brain works....seeing if not searching for recognisable known objects and people in otherwise abstract visual patterns and colours, and likewise seeing the concrete move into the abstract, (especially when looking into the distance for short sighted people!!)  The human brain has a special area designated for face recognition, and this does not include specs. /clothes./hairdos etc of a person....just eyes nose and mouth on the face shape.  for this reason, in abstract pictures/views we search for human faces almost as a need to satisfy our brain activity.  Thus in abstract pictures, as you have on the right hand side,  we are searching for elements of humans, but not actually needing to see representations of them.  We see resonances of humans which is deeply satisfying.

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