Saturday, 20 August 2011

large paintings at Bath Spa, 12' x 7'

I have been working on these 2 large paintings, and feel that they are now getting somewhere, metamorphising, changing.  I am pleased with the amount of yellow I have managed to use in ''.  thinking of Sargy Mann, the best blind painter in Peckham, who uses blue tac to feel his way round a canvas, and adds pure colour.  So here is a film 'Metamorphosis'


  1. Hi Kate,
    Really love these large scale pieces - Just fantastic. Standing in front of the yellow saturated canvas must be awesome!
    Just a thought on the abstracts as they develop - I was really visually surprised when there was blocking out of large chunks juxtaposed with 'readable' image. Have you thought of keeping an element of representation?
    Loving what you're doing,
    Hugs and love, Bex.

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